Our Sponsors

Our mission wouldn’t be possible without help of our sponsors. They make a great role for making our visions come to life. Thanks to them, not only many people found their right life path but also discovered some true values and learned a lot of thing about themselves they couldn’t even imagine.

Church Music Ministries Division

As said, there is no such a beautiful way to understand Christ then through the service full of inspiring song and music.  This Division is a high quality community with highly trained people proven by many fully accredited programs. Glory of the Christ has to be ultimate goal of every Church and music is one of the best ways to reach that goal.

Travelink American Express

Nature of the people in trying to connect with others is also wish to travel. We also find this a great way to share our visions and values. This professional team of travel advisors will always offer the best customer service in order to help make these travel connections.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

As many people find themselves in wanting of fulfilling God’s calling on higher levels we made it possible for them with a help of this largest seminary in the world. With outnumbering successful graduates, accreditations and huge reputation they present best help in education of people to integrate practice and faith.