What makes a good pastor?

Being a pastor is really not a small thing. There are really many thoughts and ideas of what a good pastor should be like. Problem is that expectations of the people are so different and so big that pastors are convicted to be a lot more than just good. But let’s get back to real life and talk about some basic but important facts about good pastors.

Good communicator

post2aWhether a service lasts few minutes or even an hour a good pastor will keep good and quality communication with all attenders. A difference between leadership and relationships must be taught clearly because if pastor doesn’t know how to create a right relations with people, leadership comes much more difficult and complex. SO, any service will be worth hearing if a pastor explains few basic facts to the people. Text used on service must be clear to everybody, a message from text must be understood from each attender on service and each of them must apply it in personal and unique way.

Caring person

This aspect is really hard and complex because pastor has a task to visit sick and dying people. Sometimes gets really tough because many people find it hard to realize how much God does through them. Pastor needs to have a lot of patience for many people not just in time of crisis but constantly through their lives.

Quality administrator

This is a huge role of pastor for the church. Starting form business over financial to the ministry aspects. A good pastor needs to ministry effectively how people also his church. As administrator pastor needs to take care about lot of things such as functional sound system, cleanliness of the building, preparation of church notification, organization of Path finders, regular reports to conference, attending to school board meetings and many other. All these obligations could significantly affect ministry and work of God but a good pastor knows in every moment how to avoid this.

Competence and courage

post2bThrough quality training and learning competence can be achieved. It is important that future pastor finds himself in good surrounding and learns from people strong in this area who will addition his skill set. As for the leadership ability, for a good pastor is important to be confident and supportive in time of crisis. This all comes from the great courage deep inside. Uncertainty is one of the most significant enemy of the people and great pastor will know in every moment how to deal with it. However, nobody is perfect so it is the same with pastors, a time of failure comes for sure and this is a critical moment which requires a lot of effort to recover from.

Studious and prayerful

Pastors are people who need to feed their minds and spirits all the time. This is why great pastors are also great readers. All this has a great back up in form of praying. Pastor is obligated to make a quality balance between his calling to serve God and calling to serve church and people. If there is something wrong with this connection and balance pastor is the one responsible to notice it and make it right.